Mike feels fortunate to have been able to call Iron County home throughout his life. Born and raised in Cedar City, Mike was able to grow up, begin his adult career, meet and marry his wife, Amy, and raise all three of his children right here in Iron County. 

Mike has been involved in public safety and public service since 1993, beginning his service as a volunteer EMT with the Iron County Ambulance and helping that program to grow. Later on, Mike served with the Cedar City police department full-time for 23 years before retiring in 2018. Shortly after retirement, Mike was asked to join the Enoch City Police Department on a part-time basis to assist with investigations and covering patrol schedule needs. Mike continues to enjoy this small role and appreciates the community perspective that it lends him as an individual and as a leader. 

In an effort to make Iron County government more user-friendly, Mike was first elected into the Iron County Commission in 2016. Since then, Mike has solidified his point-of-view that good relationships are the key to maximizing success. Mike has greatly enjoyed building foundational relationships with local, state, and federal partners alike. Most importantly, Mike values and enjoys his interactions with members of his community and appreciates the opportunity to continue to serve them in this role. 





I love my family. My family is what motivates me to do the right things in our personal and professional lives. I want Iron County to continue to be the best place to raise a family.

You will often find my friends and my family out with me in the community. We love to support each other in our various projects and activities. This is what allows me to be so involved in building a strong, healthy community. 



The success of any organization depends on strong relationships. Throughout my life, I have taken pride in my ability to build and maintain strong relationships with the people around me. This has been extremely important in my role as County Commissioner. 

I enjoy a strong relationship with our County staff. Together, we have been able to accomplish challenging tasks without the drama that plagues other organizations.

I enjoy that same relationship with our local, state, and federal partners.

I especially enjoy the relationship that I have shared for many years with our local businesses and other service-oriented organizations.



My leadership style ties back to my belief that strong relationships are the key to success. I am a hands-on leader and enjoy being out in the field doing the necessary work. I do not ask people to do things that I myself am not willing to do. 

I have always had the ability to look at a problem objectively, make an informed decision based on the needs of the people involved, and then take action to implement that decision. 

Another key element to leadership is follow-up and reevaluation. Continual evaluation is required to ensure proper implementation both now and later.